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December Discounts and Prizes!

We love the holidays and want you to get into the spirit with our giveaways at the end of the month.

For every purchase you make during December you will be entered to win one of 4 fabulous prizes ranging from your choice of product to a treatment package.

All retail is 25% off, packages 50% off and Microneedle treatments are only $100! 

Stock up, save and win!


Adoption Awareness Month



Happy National Adoption Awareness Month! 💙

At any given time, there are at least 100,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted. Join us as we raise awareness for adoption and encourage foster-to-adopt!

If you can’t foster or adopt, there are other ways to make a difference…


CLA is currently collecting donations in the amount of $1, $3, $5 for Carrying Hope. 


Carrying Hope aims to provide local children entering the foster system with Hope Packs filled with new age-appropriate necessity and comfort items intended to ease their initial transition into a new home.


A newborn discharged from the hospital into foster care with nothing, not even diapers or formula. A 6-month-old dropped off at a foster home wearing a party dress two sizes too big because it was the only clothing option her CPS caseworker could find. A 4-year-old desperate for distraction, and comfort, after being taken into foster care on the worst night of his life.

As foster parents and advocates for children in the system, these aren’t just stories we’ve heard. These are stories we’ve lived when Austin-area kids have arrived at our doorsteps with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Even when children who are entering the foster care system are allowed to bring along items from home, typically those items have been hastily shoved in a trash bag, years of memories reduced to a container best used for last night’s leftovers.

More than 17,000 children are removed from their homes by CPS in the state of Texas every year.

We want better for them. We consulted with local foster care agencies and CPS, and we came up with the idea for Hope Packs — backpacks or diaper bags filled with items that children who are entering the system need most. The item lists for Hope Packs feature a mix of necessities, such as formula, diapers and wipes, and comfort items, such as stuffed animals, jammies, nightlights and coloring books, intended to ease the transition for kids who are coming into care. After we receive completed packs, we distribute them to foster care agencies and CPS caseworkers who can take them along when they’re placing children in homes.

Thank you for donating

We had a pretty great month. We were able to donate generously to the local charities from proceeds and your contributions were very much appreciated!

Safe Place generated the most in donations, then of course the Austin Pet’s Alive, because who doesn’t love to spoil the animals. Because the Food Bank didn’t quite acquire what I was hoping I am going to match the donation.

We are so grateful for our clients and are excited to share in our success. Here is to a great 2017!

Feeling under the weather?

There is a nasty cold floating around and to maintain a healthy and sterile environment we ask that you reschedule if you aren’t feeling 100%. We require at least 24 hour notice, but understand that these things can wipe you out at a moments notice. Just give us a call, email or reschedule online and leave a note. We appreciate your understanding 🙂



Allison will be out on maternity leave!

Just a quick blurb to remind those who know, or to notify those who don’t, that Allison will be welcoming her second baby girl to the world on 2/22/16!

She is stepping out of the office beginning 2/12/16 and will return sometime soon-ish. We will post an update on that return date as soon as baby arrives and she begins the road to c-section recovery.

Until then, please be patient with the schedule. Iris will be here taking clients and working her booty off all on her own. So please treat her with more love and gratitude than usual 😉  She deserves it!




A Happy New Year Should Mean Happy Faces!

Microneedling and Chemical Peels are gaining popularity and we only feel right about extending the introductory deals.

Both will be available for a BOGO 50% off or Buy 3 get one FREE until April 1, 2016. It is the perfect prep for facing 2016 fresh faced!

*Microneedling is $175/treatment, includes Growth Factor Serum

*VI Peel-$150, includes 3 Post Peel Towelettes, Post Peel Protection and SPF

*VI Precision Plus, best for hyper pigmentation and aging skin-$199, includes 5 Post Peel Towelettes, Post Peel Protection and SPF

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