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Give a girl the opportunity of a lifetime.

With every Facebook review and/or check-in we will donate $5 towards A Year in School.

When crisis forces families to make difficult decisions about schooling for their children, often it is young girls who are kept at home and denied a chance at a better life. In places like Afghanistan, Congo or Lebanon, including girls in schools is critical: educated girls become smart, strong women committed to leading their communities toward stability. In Afghanistan alone, we helped to educate more than 21,500 girls in 2015 and 2016 combined. $58 can supply the tuition, books and other supplies a girl needs to attend school for a year.



December Discounts and Prizes!

We love the holidays and want you to get into the spirit with our giveaways at the end of the month.

For every purchase you make during December you will be entered to win one of 4 fabulous prizes ranging from your choice of product to a treatment package.

All retail is 25% off, packages 50% off and Microneedle treatments are only $100! 

Stock up, save and win!

Adoption Awareness Month



Happy National Adoption Awareness Month! 💙

At any given time, there are at least 100,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted. Join us as we raise awareness for adoption and encourage foster-to-adopt!

If you can’t foster or adopt, there are other ways to make a difference…


CLA is currently collecting donations in the amount of $1, $3, $5 for Carrying Hope. 


Carrying Hope aims to provide local children entering the foster system with Hope Packs filled with new age-appropriate necessity and comfort items intended to ease their initial transition into a new home.


A newborn discharged from the hospital into foster care with nothing, not even diapers or formula. A 6-month-old dropped off at a foster home wearing a party dress two sizes too big because it was the only clothing option her CPS caseworker could find. A 4-year-old desperate for distraction, and comfort, after being taken into foster care on the worst night of his life.

As foster parents and advocates for children in the system, these aren’t just stories we’ve heard. These are stories we’ve lived when Austin-area kids have arrived at our doorsteps with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Even when children who are entering the foster care system are allowed to bring along items from home, typically those items have been hastily shoved in a trash bag, years of memories reduced to a container best used for last night’s leftovers.

More than 17,000 children are removed from their homes by CPS in the state of Texas every year.

We want better for them. We consulted with local foster care agencies and CPS, and we came up with the idea for Hope Packs — backpacks or diaper bags filled with items that children who are entering the system need most. The item lists for Hope Packs feature a mix of necessities, such as formula, diapers and wipes, and comfort items, such as stuffed animals, jammies, nightlights and coloring books, intended to ease the transition for kids who are coming into care. After we receive completed packs, we distribute them to foster care agencies and CPS caseworkers who can take them along when they’re placing children in homes.

Summer Skin

With the summer heat building fast it is important to remember all the proper precautions, especially if you are receiving laser treatments.

  1. Please refrain from treatment with any fresh sun-kissed sun. It is best to be two weeks post mild-sunexposure, 4 weeks post beach or lake vacation.
  2. If you have a beach trip planned please make sure your treatment is a minimum of two weeks post treatment. You are more susceptible to burn for a week after laser, but those sun rays reflect greater against water and sand and we recommend that you be extra cautious.
  3. Wear SPF, cover up with a rash guard, don a great hat and sunnies and enjoy the outdoors!